Lyx Tools

Track Your Lukso Withdrawal History with Ease

Gain valuable insights into your Lukso blockchain transactions by aggregating and visualizing your withdrawal history. Explore your daily balances and monitor your rewards effortlessly with our intuitive web app.

Key Features

Aggregated Balances

Easily view the aggregated withdrawal balances for your recipient address.

Detailed History

Dive into the detailed chronological withdrawal history on a daily basis.

Validator Statistics

Access performance statistics of validators, earnings, and luck analysis.

Our Value Proposition

Lyx Tools provides you with a powerful tool to access and analyze Lukso blockchain withdrawal data like never before. With a user-friendly interface, detailed statistics, and subscription benefits, our app empowers you to make informed decisions for accounting, tax purposes, and beyond.

Network Statistics

Total validators
Total nodes
Validator queue
Total burned

Active Validator Nodes

Distribution of Active Validator Nodes: This pie chart showcases the percentage breakdown of unique validator nodes currently active on the Lukso Mainnet network. Gain a clear understanding of the network's validator participation and decentralization through this visual representation.